FAQ: How To Delete Books From Logos 4 Library?

How do I remove books from my logos library?

To remove a downloaded resource, tap the panel menu icon and select Remove download.

How to Delete resources in Logos?

Logos doesn’t allow you to delete resources and removing them from your local installation simply offloads them to the cloud.

How do I download entire Logos library?

Note: To select and download all of your cloud resources, click one of the resources in the list. Press Cmd +A (macOS) or Ctrl+A (Windows). Then right-click to open the context menu, and select Download. Click Download.

The only real way to cover a logo completely is to use a patch or applique, which is a thin piece of fabric used for knitting and crafting. Otherwise, you can choose to remove the logo from the clothing.

Can you print from logos?

Use the Print/Export dialog to preview, print, copy, or save content from any resource or tool within Logos. To open the dialog from any panel, click the panel icon and choose Print/Export from the menu. You can also press Cmd+P (Mac) or Ctrl+P (Windows).

Can I use logos offline?

The Logos Bible apps are “Cloud-based” applications, meaning they stream content—like Bibles, commentaries and search results—from the internet. When away from wifi or internet access, it is still possible to use some features or read “offline” resources.

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