FAQ: Who Translates Everyman Pocket Library Books?

Who publishes Everyman’s Library?

Everyman’s Library is a series of reprints of classic literature, primarily from the Western canon. It is currently published in hardback by Random House.

How many Everyman Library books are there?

Everyman’s Library Contemporary Classics Series ( 143 Titles )

Are Everyman’s Library books sewn?

Everyman’s His Dark Materials binding is sewn. Also, the book looks very handsome in its red cloth cover. It does not include the supplementary material of the 10th anniversary editions.

Is Everyman’s Library abridged?

This edition has been abridged and adapted for children, and enhanced by the delightful illustrations of Walter Crane.

Is Everyman’s Library Good?

I love the Everyman’s Library. I own several volumes and have nothing but praise for the books. They are well-bound and printed on high quality paper, the covers are tough, and they look great on a bookshelf.

Does Everyman’s Library use acid free paper?

Everyman’s Library offers these novels as beautifully bound volumes with easy-to-read typography, acid-free paper, sewn cloth bindings, silk ribbon-markers, and European half-round spines.

How many Penguin modern classics are there?

Penguin Modern Classics ( 388 books )

Are Puffin in bloom books abridged?

Top critical review I know this is a beautiful boxed set, but these are ABRIDGED versions of these classics!! Save your money and buy the real versions.

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