How Many Fiction Books Are In My Library Destiny?

How do I find books in destiny?

There are multiple ways to find eBooks and audiobooks in Destiny Discover:

  1. Browse from the eBooks and Audiobooks carousels on the homepage.
  2. Next to the Search bar, click Search Options, and then select eBook or Audiobook/Recorded Sound from the Format drop-down to limit your search.
  3. Search all library materials.

How do I run a report for lost books in destiny?

To run the report without saving the setup, click the Run Report button. Click the Save Setup button to save the setup in the Saved Reports tab. From there you can run it later, make it a favorite, or edit, duplicate, or delete it.

How do you search for genres in destiny discover?

In the Destiny Discover header, select More > Admin. Set up genres to display as search icons on the homepage

  1. To add a subject, from the Searches drop-down, select Subjects, type a name, and then click.
  2. To add a sublocation, from the Searches drop-down, select Sublocation, and then make your selection.

How do Follett eBooks work?

Follett eBooks, in a 90-day, assigned-user access model, enable teachers to assign a specific title to students for 90-day access, which keeps students reading anywhere.

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How do you get titles in destiny without copies?

1. Open Destiny, goto Catalog -> Update Titles -> Standard Numbers tab 2. Select: Locate titles without standard numbers 3. Leave the Call Number boxes blank and click Find Titles 4.

How do you run reports in destiny?

To run Follett Digital reports:

  1. From the Destiny Discover header, select More > Admin.
  2. Click Reports.
  3. Click the button for the report of your choice.
  4. Select any limiters or options.
  5. Click Run Report.
  6. When the report status is Completed, click Action and then select View.

What is Destiny Library Manager?

Follett Destiny® Library Manager is a complete library management system that can be accessed from anywhere, 24/7, helping to strengthen the crucial bond between the library, the classroom, and home.

How do I find Follett in destiny?

To start searching, you must enter either a complete word or a phrase (in quotes) and click a search button.

  1. You can use uppercase or lowercase letters.
  2. You can use wildcards.
  3. Be aware that Destiny treats some words differently.
  4. You can leave out the punctuation.
  5. You can use Boolean operators.
  6. If you misspell a word.

How do you do inventory in Follett?

On the Start Inventory page, enter a unique name for your inventory. 3. To inventory your entire collection, leave the Call Numbers from and to fields blank. If you want to inventory only a section of your collection, enter a Dewey number or call number range in the from and to fields.

How do I delete an inventory in Follett Destiny?

Clear Out Old Inventories

  1. Go to Back Office > Inventory > View In Progress and Competed Inventories > In Progress.
  2. If you find any inventories in progress, finalize them, and choose the option to ignore items that are unaccounted for (do not mark them “lost”).

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