How To Get Vitalsource Library Books Offline?

Can you download VitalSource books as PDF?

Open the VitalSource Bookshelf and download the book you want to convert. Open the book and then click on “File”–>”“Print”. The print preview window will pop up. After you have clicked on “Print”, the doPDF will save this file as PDF.

How do I save books from VitalSource bookshelf as PDF?

Click the “File” Menu from the menubar. And select the “Print” Option. Then click the arrow to the right of the “Printer” heading a select the PDF printer software (doPDF or NovaPDF if you install the software I recommend). Click on the “Print” button to convert a VBK file into a PDF.

Do VitalSource books expire?

Online access through the site, expires after 365 days, but access to downloaded eBooks typically does not expire. You may download the VitalSource bookshelf app at

How do I access my cengage eBook offline?

On a computer, go to and sign in with the same account you just created. You are redirected to Read offline or via mobile web browser. Enter your email address to link the accounts. Open Bookshelf on your mobile device and update your library to view your eBook.

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Can you download books on VitalSource?

Can I download my book for offline use? Absolutely. VitalSource has native applications for all of the major platforms. The native app versions of Bookshelf allow you to download a single eBook or your entire library.

How do I print a whole book from VitalSource?

Step 1: Download VitalSource Bookshelf desktop application and install it on your computer. Step 2: Click the Book cover and navigate to the first page of the book which you want to print. Step 3: Click on File at the menu and select Print from the drop-down list. Step 4: The print preview page will pop up.

How do I access Vitalsource books?

Go to – to download the bookshelf application for your computer or mobile device. After installing Bookshelf, open Bookshelf and sign in with your email and password, after you download your eTextbooks, you will not need to be online to read your eTextbooks.

How do I convert an online eBook to PDF?

Method 2: Convert Amazon eBook to PDF with Calibre

  1. Download and Install Calibre. Go to the Calibre homepage, and then download and install it onto your computer.
  2. Add the eBook File. After opening Calibre, click the “Add books” button to browse the files on your computer.
  3. Convert the e-book File to PDF.

Can you print Vitalsource eBooks?

VitalSource Bookshelf allows users to print the eBooks but it has print page limitations so you can only print a few pages one time. Step 2: Click the Book cover and navigate to the first page of the book which you want to print. Step 3: Click on File at the menu and select Print from the drop-down list.

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Why can’t I access my book on VitalSource?

If you are missing your eTextbook in the online bookshelf, please make sure you have gone to your school’s online portal and tried clicking on the link to your eTextbook. If you do not see your course or your eTextbook listed, please contact Altierus Student Services at 1-877-439-0003.

What format is VitalSource eBook?

There are two different types of electronic textbooks sold in the VitalSource Bookstore: Reflowable Text VitalBooks (ePubs) and Page-Fidelity VitalBooks (PDF).

Is VitalSource a legit website?

With 95% positive ratings for over 50,000 reviews, VitalSource is a trusted brand for students and instructors to purchase their digital course materials. More than 15 million users over the past year have used the VitalSource Bookshelf platform to improve their learning experience and outcomes.

How do I access my books on Cengage?

You will need to follow these steps:

  1. You will first need to access your eBook via a computer or laptop.
  2. Go to and login using your Cengage username and password.
  3. From your “My Home” page, click “Open” next to your eBook.
  4. Once the eBook opens, go to the left navigation and click on “User Info”

Can I download my book from Cengage?

Cengage currently provides eBooks in two different formats – the Cengage eReader and the MindTap Reader. Once downloaded to your device, the eBook will be available for offline access.

Can you use yuzu offline?

Yes, you can download your Yuzu eTextbook offline by downloading the Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac app from their respective app store. Visit to download the apps.

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