Often asked: How Do Books Get In Junior Library Guild?

What does it mean to be a Junior Library Guild selection?

Selection of a children’s book by the editors of the Junior Literary Guild (or latterly the Junior Library Guild) is a distinction used for publicity by publishers and authors of children’s books. At present, 492 books are selected each year.

How much does Junior Library Guild cost?

Take advantage of amazing savings on newly-released books. Your print subscription gives you the added benefit of receiving JLG Digital for only $499 per stream, no matter your enrollment size.

Is Junior Library Guild free?

(Download a searchable spreadsheet of sale titles.) JLG is the collection-development partner of more than 24,000 librarians nationwide who trust our excellent editorial team and our extraordinarily convenient service to deliver top books to their shelves every month, shipped for free!

What is Junior Library gold standard?

JLG Gold Standard Selections are picked based on merit —so you can trust that books in your subscription will represent the very best new titles available. That means your subscription—and your shelves—will bring buzz-worthy books to your readers every month.

What is a junior library?

It manages and tracks each book in your school using a barcode reader, serial code stickers and individual logins. The. net version of Junior Librarian uses a Silverlight environment where children can scan books in and out, as well as reserve and review books online.

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What is JLG gold standard?

The best books—Our JLG Gold Standard stamp of approval guarantees that all titles delivered to you are of the highest quality. 95% of the titles we select for JLG go on to win industry awards and starred reviews. Billed on a single PO, you will receive the newest, best books at substantial discounts.

How does JLG digital work?

JLG Digital analyzes usage to identify which streaming books are trending, giving you circulation confidence before you permanently add a digital (or print) title to your collection.

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