Often asked: When Can I Drop Off Books At San Rafael Library?

Where can I donate books in Marin County?

Where to Donate Your Books

  • Marin County Free Library – No.
  • Marin County Friends of the Library Bookstore – Yes.
  • Belvedere Tiburon Library and Friends’ Bookstore – No.
  • Larkspur Library – No.
  • Mill Valley Public Library – Yes.

Are San Diego libraries accepting book donations?

Book donations are currently not being accepted. The proceeds from sales go to support the San Diego Public Library. For more information about branch book sales, please contact the Library Branch directly.

How do you give books to the library?

If you have books to donate, first contact your local public library. Many libraries, or the Friends of the Library group, have regular book sales and welcome appropriate materials for resale. Libraries typically have donation guidelines posted on their website, others you will need to contact by phone.

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What can you do with old library books?

In case you find yourself in a similar situation, here are 10 ways to recycle your old books.

  1. Donate to your local library. Bring your gently used books to your local library.
  2. Donate to a local charity.
  3. Make some gift tags.
  4. Recycle your unusable books.
  5. Sell them or give them away online.
  6. Make a “Free Books ” box.

Can I donate books to my local library?

Libraries usually accept donations and sell those books in a Friends of the Library fundraiser. Local libraries give us so many books for free–let’s give some back to them!

Where can I donate books in Covid San Diego?

San Diego Book Donation

  • Friends of the San Diego Public Library.
  • Goodwill San Diego Kearny Mesa Book Store.
  • Friends of Santee Library.
  • Book-Off.

Where can I donate children’s books in San Diego?

Best Donate Books in San Diego, CA

  • BookOff. 1.9 mi. 369 reviews.
  • Friends Of The San Diego Public Library, FSDPL. 2.6 mi. Libraries.
  • Goodwill Bookstore. 13.1 mi. 30 reviews.
  • Bluestocking Books. 3.1 mi. $ Bookstores.
  • Verbatim Books. 3.4 mi. 135 reviews.
  • Maxwell’s House of Books. 8.1 mi.
  • Goodwill Bookstore. 5.6 mi.
  • Pennywise Books. 5.3 mi.

Where is the best place to donate used books?

Best Places to Donate Used Books

  • Freecycle.
  • Reputable Charities.
  • Local Faith-Based Organizations.
  • Your Neighborhood Thrift Store.
  • Local Museums & Other Cultural Organizations.
  • Prison Libraries & Literacy Programs.
  • Armed Forces Charities.
  • Domestic & International Public Literacy Programs.

What to do with old books you can’t sell?

If there’s no way you can sell or give away your books, contact your local council or recycling centre and ask if they can do anything to help recycle your books. Don’t throw them in your recycling bin; they need a specialist recycler to look at them to judge whether they’re recyclable.

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What to do with books after reading them?


  1. Keep them for my collection (write-in)
  2. Keep it (if it’s mine), return to library/lender (if it’s not) (write-in)
  3. Keep them because I love to re-read (it’s like visiting old friends!), if I really don’t want them anymore I donate them or give them to my friends. (
  4. Some I keep, others I trade or give-away (write-in)

How do you dispose of hardcover books?

Place in your blue cart. Drop off at a community recycling depot for free. Donate or drop-off used books to a charity or used book store:

  1. Little Free Library.
  2. Calgary Reads.
  3. Used book stores.

Are ex library books collectible?

Ex-library books are rarely collectible. Since condition is vital for collectors, you are going to come across books with torn or lost dust jackets, cloudy and smeared protective sleeves (mylar covers are easy to replace though), and general shelf wear.

Who will take second hand books?

London Charity Shops That Take Book Donations

  • London Children’s Book Project. The books donated to this foundation are cleaned and sorted by age and topic before being distributed to their partner organisations.
  • Books for London. This one is pretty cool.
  • Octavia Foundation.
  • British Heart Foundation.
  • Oxfam.
  • Fara Charity Shops.

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