Question: How Many Books Are Available In Drexel University’s Library?

Is Drexel library open to public?

Visitors can visit the Libraries between 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday (except holidays). Access may be restricted to current Drexel University students, faculty, and staff during holidays and exam periods. Please see Hours for up to date information.

How do I get to Drexel Library?

Click the yellow Sign in to Drexel Connect button that appears on the Libraries login screen. You must pass through this screen in order to gain access to the Libraries ‘ licensed online resources.

How many campuses does Drexel have?

Today Drexel is a world-renowned research university with three campuses in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and over 26,000 students.

How do I connect to Drexel VPN?

Enter, then click “Connect.” Enter your Drexel User-id and password. Make sure DrexelVPN is selected for the Group. Once connected, you will see a confirmation screen.

Is Drexel a 5 year school?

Drexel offers two co-op programs: the five-year program with three co-op experiences and the four year with one co-op experience. For most majors there is an option of five-year or four-year. See a list of majors with their available co-op programs.

Is Drexel a black college?

The enrolled student population at Drexel University, both undergraduate and graduate, is 51.9% White, 16% Asian, 7.94% Black or African American, 6.39% Hispanic or Latino, 3.54% Two or More Races, 0.0785% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders, and 0.0785% American Indian or Alaska Native.

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Is Drexel prestigious?

Drexel University’s 2021 Rankings Drexel University is ranked #133 in National Universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

How do I get AnyConnect client?

Open a web browser and navigate to the Cisco Software Downloads webpage.

  1. In the search bar, start typing ‘Anyconnect’ and the options will appear. Select AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client v4.
  2. Click Install Selected.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Carefully review the Supplemental End User License Agreement and then click Accept.

What is Cisco Connect?

Cisco Connect is a software program developed by Cisco Systems. The software is designed to connect to the Internet and adds a Windows Firewall exception in order to do so without being interfered with. The primary executable is named cisco connect.exe.

How do I turn off Cisco VPN?

The quickest way to disconnect the AnyConnect client is to Right-‐click on the lock icon in the System Tray. You’ll see a menu like this: Choose Disconnect or Quit to close the VPN connection.

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