Readers ask: Where Can I Return Seattle Public Library Books?

Where can I return my Seattle library books?

Three More Library Locations to Begin Accepting Book Returns

  • Central Library, 1000 4th Ave., Seattle, WA 98104 (starting on Saturday, July 25; note that only the Fourth Avenue book drop will be open)
  • Ballard Branch, 5614 22nd Ave.
  • Beacon Hill Branch, 2821 Beacon Ave.
  • Broadview Branch, 12755 Greenwood Ave.

When can I return books to SPL?

Open for book returns from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Restroom access daily (multi-stall single-gender restrooms on level 1) from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Use Fourth Ave. plaza and book return.

Is Seattle Public Library accepting book donations?

The Seattle Public Library welcomes donations of books and other materials. The Library also accepts monetary contributions allocated for the purchase of Library materials.

Is the Seattle Public Library open yet?

We are not currently offering in-person events at Library locations. All services at Library locations are offered from a distance and without physical contact. Some branches remain closed due to staffing issues or space restrictions. For a list of open locations visit Hours & Locations.

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Who designed the Seattle Public Library?

Use the Libby app or OverDrive app to download e-books and audiobooks, or to read and hear books online. You can use OverDrive with an iPhone, iPad, iPod or iPod Touch, or an Android or Windows tablet. You can also have books from OverDrive delivered to your Kindle or Kindle app.

What is an example of a free online library?

E-books are examples of a free online library.

Why do Library cards expire?

According to the “Circulation and Library Card” policy, “Library cards expire regularly to confirm address and other contact information.” We expire cards so that we may periodically check with patrons to assure we have updated information.

Are library cards free?

Yes, we all know that library cards are free to sign up for. And that’s just talking about books – most public libraries also offer access to DVDs, BluRays, CDs, magazines, audiobooks, video games, and digital downloads, and that’s not even factoring in a library’s public programming or databases and online resources.

How do I donate books to local library?

If you have books to donate, first contact your local public library. Many libraries, or the Friends of the Library group, have regular book sales and welcome appropriate materials for resale. Libraries typically have donation guidelines posted on their website, others you will need to contact by phone.

Where can I donate textbooks in Seattle?

Where to Donate Your Unwanted Book in Seattle

  • Friends of Seattle Library. It is a public library which gladly accepts any of your books that you are through with.
  • Treehouse for Community Services.
  • Ronald Macdonald House of Charities.
  • Seattle Habitat for Humanity.
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Do you have to live in Seattle to get a Seattle Public Library card?

To be eligible, you must be 13 years or older, live in Seattle and have a mobile phone to verify your account. “We are working hard to find new ways to support Seattle residents during this unprecedented public health crisis,” said Circulation Services Manager Bo Kinney.

Can you buy a book from a library?

Most libraries acquire books through an acquisitions department. A library acquisitions department aims to examine the library’s budget and buy books and media that the library needs on a regular basis. If your library would like to get new books, but doesn’t have the budget to do it, you may be able to help.

How many books can you check out at once?

There is not a limit on how many materials /books you can check out at a time, except maybe how many you can carry.

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