Readers ask: Which Books In The Winterhold Library Give You Something?

What does URAG Gro-Shub give you?

Urag gro-Shub delivers a lecture on Shalidor and his texts, writings, and research and the College’s need to recover the ancient research. The lecture is held in the Hall of the Elements, during which most of the members of the College come to listen to his lecture.

What happens if you give the elder scroll to Urag?

Elder Scroll (Dragon)[edit] With Dawnguard installed, the scroll is again required for the quest Unseen Visions. If you have already sold it to Urag, you will need to buy it back for 4,000 gold (or, if you have completed the College of Winterhold questline, for the original 2,000 gold).

Is there a key to The Arcanaeum?

Most of the shelves in The Arcanaeum can only be accessed via Urag gro-Shub’s key.

How do you get Urag’s key in Skyrim?

The key to open it is found on a table in the Midden along with a copy of the Midden Incident Report regarding the disappearance and subsequent deaths of four previous students. Inside the chest are four rings that are needed for the gauntlet in the Midden, as part of the unmarked quest Forgotten Names.

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Can you marry URAG Gro?

Urag gro-Shub is my ideal man (or Orc): grumpy and obsessed with books. With that in mind, this mod allows the player to marry Urag. Simply equip an amulet of Mara and talk to him, and he can become the librarian of your heart. His radiant quest and Shalidor’s Insights quest dialogue options remain after marriage.

Should I give the elder scroll away?

Iirc, after you use it in the main quest, they don’t really have a use anymore and you can’t toss them yourself. Its fine to sell them to him.

Should I kill Paarthurnax?

Delphine and Esbern learn that Paarthurnax is the leader of the Greybeards. Bound by their oaths as Blades, they refuse the Dragonborn further assistance until Paarthurnax is slain. This quest is optional; it does not need to be completed in order to finish the main quest.

What is Kahvozein’s Fang for?

Wiki Targeted (Games) Kahvozein’s Fang is a unique dragon priest dagger in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that is used to collect heartscales from the corpses of dragons.

How do I get rid of the Elder Scroll Dragon?

Once in inventory, the only way to get rid of it is to sell it to Urag gro-Shub or Dexion Evicus. 5

How old is URAG?

Because of Urags odd affiliation of knowledge for an orc its likely that he was born in Orsinuim (probably the 3rd city) since he can still name the player bloodkin so he still has connection to the clans unlike any orc born in a regular city, So he is most likely 992 years old give or take.

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How do I get the key to the library in Winterhold?

The most current knowledge suggests that the locked bookshelves do not have a key, nor can the lock be picked. However, they can be unlocked using the console command “unlock”, selecting the bookcase within the command console to get the code, then typing it in.

Where are the 4 rings in the Arcanaeum in Skyrim?

The rings mentioned can be found in a locked chest, located in the Arcanaeum. The player can use the provided key or pick the lock in order to obtain the four ornamental rings: Pithi’s Ring, Treoy’s Ring, Balwen’s Ring, and Katarina’s Ring. Once you have obtained the rings, return to the gauntlet in the Midden Dark.

Where is the investigators chest in Skyrim?

The chest is located on the wall to the North/West side of The Arcanaeum. The key to the chest is located in the Midden Dark on a table in the room with the Daedric Relic, on top of a book called Midden Incident Report. Once the rings are acquired they can then be placed on the Daedric Relic to release Velehk Sain.

Does URAG Gro-Shub sell skill books?

Urag gro-Shub also sells books in the Arcanaeum, and the stock seems to change between different saves. His shop stock updates every 48 in-game hours.

How do you unlock doors in Skyrim?

Open the console, click on the door or chest you want to unlock, and type “unlock” into the console. If only this worked in real life.

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