Uc Berkeley Library How To Find Books?

How do I use UC Berkeley library?

Connect from off campus

  1. When you click on a resource link found in UC Library Search or Databases A-Z, you will be prompted to authenticate.
  2. When you click on a resource link found via a search engine or a non-UCB Library webpage, you will need to use a browser bookmarklet to access the licensed resource.

How do I access my UC Berkeley library from home?

Use a browser bookmarklet to access the licensed resource. You must install the bookmarklet in a browser. When you land on a licensed resource you must click on the browser bookmarklet to pre-pend the resource’s URL with the library proxy URL.

How do I return books to UC Berkeley library?

Returns: Books can be returned via the book drops on the north and south sides of Doe Library and outside the south entrance to Moffitt Library.

Are UC Berkeley libraries open to the public?

The general public may be permitted into the Main (Gardner) Stacks for research purposes only. Enter the Main (Gardner) Stacks via Doe Library. Moffitt Library is reserved for the UC Berkeley campus community and is open only to those with a current UC Berkeley ID or gold UC Berkeley Library Card.

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How do I get a UC Berkeley library card?

California residents

  1. May purchase a one-year library card for a fee of $100.
  2. Email privileges staff at [email protected] with the information listed at the top of this page to set up or renew an account.

How many libraries does UC Berkeley have?

The Library at a glance The UC Berkeley Library is actually made up of 24 libraries.

Is UC Berkeley open to visitors?

Our campus is now open to visitors! Here is some guidance on our return to campus. We are excited to announce that we are now offering in-person campus walking tours.

What is easy proxy?

EZproxy is a web proxy server used by libraries to give access from outside the library’s computer network to restricted-access websites that authenticate users by IP address. It is sometimes referred to as a “proxy referral” server to distinguish it.

Where can I study at UC Berkeley?

11 of the Best Places to Study at UC Berkeley

  • Moffitt. There are so many great things about the newest addition to the UC Berkeley Campus.
  • Main Stacks.
  • Kresge Engineering Library.
  • Residence Hall Lower Levels.
  • Memorial Glade.
  • East Asian Library.
  • Café Strada.
  • Faculty Glade.

How do I renew my Berkeley library card?

You can always update your phone number and email in My Account. Renew your card for free at any of our libraries with a current photo ID. Notify us immediately if your card is lost or stolen. You are responsible for all items checked out on your card.

How many libraries does UCLA have?

The UCLA Library System is spread over 12 libraries, 12 other archives, reading rooms, research centers and the Southern Regional Library Facility, which serves as a remote storage facility for southern UC campuses.

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